-Company Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To efficiently lead, support and promote brands from the
most important professional collision and mechanical repair
manufacturers to be the best at supporting our customers and
their needs in the transportation repair and maintenance aftermarkets.


Our Vision

Through the talent and commitment of our team, we will lead
the industry in product, speed of delivery, technology solutions,
marketing and service for our customers.

Our Values


We take pride in our people, our business and the relationships we have with our customers.
We support each other in the achievement of corporate and individual goals, and encourage new learning and thinking.
We work to retain the respect of our leaders, peers and subordinates, along with that of our customers at every level of their organization.


We continuously challenge ourselves to stay a step ahead of the industry, seeking new products, programs and solutions that anticipate
the needs of our customers.
We continually invest in technology, expand geographically, align with emerging major brands and build the business of the industry’s
most important brands.
We are unwilling to stand still, always looking for new learning and being open to new ways of working.
We encourage every employee in every department to think out of the box and make a difference in our Company and in the solutions
we bring to the marketplace.


We are committed to our customers, to our employees, and to leadership in the automotive aftermarket.
We demonstrate commitment in everyone of our departments as we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in our solutions,
processes and service levels.


We keep our word, and we deliver as promised.
We are honest, respectful and forthright in our actions, adhering to the highest ethical standards of business conduct, and protecting the
best interests of our employees, customers, manufacturers and communities.
We stand behind our actions and our recommendations, taking ownership of our efforts to continually employ new ways of staying ahead
of the needs of our customers.


We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the industry trends, brands, programs and technologies necessary to help our customers
be the best.
We understand our market and the environment in which our customers compete.
We strive to work seamlessly with all of our customers to enhance the quality, speed and effectiveness of services and to provide them
with the best information on everything from existing brands to new products and emerging trends.